Famous Italian interior designers | The world knew Italy through them

Famous Italian interior designers

Italian designers have made an incredible impact on the world of architecture and interior design. In addition to its fashion industry and beautiful scenery, Italy is also famous for its interior design. Every year, the designers of this country present unique works to the world. It takes time to name all of these people, but in this article, we have tried to introduce you to some of the best.

Bruno Tarsia

Bruno Tarsia is an Italian architect and interior designer known for his unique taste and versatility. Born in Reggio, Tarsia took his first steps in design after graduating with a degree in architecture from the University of Mediterrane. At the age of 26, he moved to Milan and began his professional life. 

The main factors that move him are his interest in beauty, art and design. He has a strong desire to explore new horizons and follows his heart. His interest and artistic vision go back to his childhood; happy times he spent in his grandfather's carpentry shop browsing furniture magazines.

When it comes to having a well-paid job, Bruno Tarsia emerges as a good example of a man who can handle these kinds of pressures. He specializes in interior design, photography, and creating business catalogs, and organizes exhibitions and advertising campaigns for his clients.

His designs are a combination of creativity, reality, imagination, elegance, and attention to detail. The designer's work has been featured several times in world-renowned magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, and Trend.

Cristina Celestino; only woman among famous Italian interior designers

Cristina Celestino was born in 1980 in Pordenone. In 2005, after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the IUAV University of Venice, she began working with prestigious design studios focusing on interior design and style. 

She moved to Milan in 2009 and established his own brand two years later. She is one of the famous Italian interior designers who won Salone del Mobile Milano Awards in 2016. As a designer and architect, Cristina focuses on more creativity and expansive interior design. 

She has received many international awards and honors; including the Special Jury Prize at the Salone del Mobile Milano Awards in 2016 and the Elle Deco International Design Award in 2017.

In her projects, there is a deep exploration of forms, historical and contemporary references to the world of fashion, art and design. Her style is a balanced and precise combination of imagination, popular culture, shapes, and colors in nature.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran; Only non-Italian member of famous Italian interior designers

Dimore Studio was founded in 2003 by Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran in Milan. The two artists combined their personal, professional, and educational experiences in design, art, and fashion. The two consider themselves brothers and a family and are doubtlessly famous Italian interior designers.

Britt Moran, who first visited Italy as a student, grew up in North Carolina. He first met Emiliano Salci in 2003. He was a graphic designer at the time who had recently quit his job as a furniture designer. Both families owned small furniture businesses. It was like a family affair when they decided to launch their own furniture collection in 2005.

Dimore Studio has emerged as one of Europe's most popular interior design companies, collaborating with fashion houses such as Hermes, Bottega Veneta, and Fendi. The studio carries out interior design, furniture, textile, and lighting projects. The Dimore Studio is a platform to support artists and designers. They make different dreams come true and cross the boundaries between art, design, fashion, and architecture.

Marco Piva

Exciting, fluent, functional; three features that define Marco Piva's unique design language. He is one of the best and famous italian interior designers in the world and is currently one of the world's leading and most influential designers in the field of design and architecture.

Marco Piva founded his studio in 1990 and worked in the fields of interior design, industrial design and architecture. As a child, he was attracted to architecture due to his many travels with his parents. 

His father was very interested in historical monuments and always encouraged him to see different buildings. Piva was very interested in art and when he finished high school, he decided to enter the world of architecture. "Now I feel like architecture is in my blood," once he said.

Marco Piva is always attracted to large and experimental projects abroad; because he wants to understand different types of architectural and design approaches around the world and bring the acquired knowledge and expertise into his studio.

Marco Piva's advice for young architects

When you are in university, try to be very serious about learning. Then travel a lot to see what happens around you. Do not think that the place where you live is the center of the world; this is not the case. Learn how to communicate and share information with others. You may become a leader later, but first you have to work hard and strengthen your team spirit.

You have to suffer, otherwise you will not get what you want. Do not look for quick answers. This is very important; because whatever you discover and understand will become a part of you and you can use your knowledge as a tool for architecture in the future.

Last Word

In this post we have talked about famous Italian interior designers who still are the leaders of this industry. Historically, the history of Renaissance architecture and interior design dates back to the early 15th century in Florence, Italy. 

This style was known for its stone architectural columns and solemn Baroque style. Well, then we quickly move forward and arrive at the Italian-style houses of today. The amazing design and construction of this stunning style still amaze every one of us.

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